Broken Halos self-titled debut album.

Broken Halo's self-titled debut album.

I don’t normally do posts about personal stuff. I’m not sure why. No one else writes on this blog … it belongs to me, so why not make it personal? Well, here we go – a bit of a personal update from yours truly.

A lot of changes have come about for me as of late. I decided to leave my job at the end of the month in order to take on more freelance work this summer and focus on music. Yeah, music. Readers of this blog who don’t know me probably won’t know that I’m the singer of a rock band called Broken Halo. We’ve been together 7 years, done 1 rather successful tour to Western Canada (granted, that was 5 years ago) and released one album that has slowly but surely been selling copies or individual downloads online.

But it’s been two years since we released any music and it’s about time we did it again. So this time around, with my advertising and marketing experience in my back pocket, we’re going all out on making sure this album succeeds both critically and commercially.

There have been a lot of bands out there who start out going it alone and are actually making a career out of it. So who’s to say a little rock band from Winnipeg couldn’t do the same, with a little drive, some smart marketing and an assload of touring? My hope is, no one.