I’ve been attempting to ramp up some hype about my band’s new album, which we’ll be recording in just a few short weeks. In order to do so, I decided that it was time I made the rounds with our first record one more time.

As it happens, another band we’ve played with, and that I really like called Run The Red Light (formerly Retrograde), uses a website called Bandcamp to promote their album online. It’s a social media-friendly, simple-to-set up solution to sell your music online and make it easy for the fans to download it.

Their pages have a nice clean design that focuses your attention on the cover art and their feature-rich flash music player.

You can choose fixed prices for each album and track, or just let the customer decide what they think they should pay for your music (a la Radiohead). They also provide you with handy tools like embed codes for players, so you can easily share on blogs and other websites. Sweet, huh? This is one of the smartest music websites I’ve seen in a while. I’m still waiting on the relaunch of CDBaby.com, but until then, I’m happy with Bandcamp.