I’ve been an avid Twitter fan for nearly a year now, and I’ve tried so many different clients with so many different features it’s sometimes hard to keep track.

But one that I recently discovered that really encapsulates the spirit of the platform is Twikini, a Twitter client for Windows Mobile. It supports direct messages, GPS location posting, twitpic, themes and much more. It is simply a joy to use.

I’ve been a Windows Mobile user since November and I can tell you there hasn’t been a good Twitter app for this platform until Twikini came around.

Better yet, it’s as cheap as a trip to Starbucks – just $4.95 USD to snatch it up, or you can do as I’m doing right now, and write a post about it on your blog and get it for free! Sweet, huh? A very smart promotions and marketing move on part of the software makers.