I had a wonderful magical dream before becoming a father that I’d be the guy who used technology to its full potential in child-rearing, and that I’d be the guy with all the answers. Just pull out my iPhone and fire up a couple trusty apps with baby info, and I’m on my way.

There’s no question that the internet is a great resource for baby advice and information, but when it comes down to it, all the book-learnin’, fancy phone apps and tech toys in the world are not going to quiet your fussy baby. YOU have to do it. YOU have to take everything you’ve learned and apply it to your own progeny.  And a lot of the time that means all the advice other people give you, be it online or in person, doesn’t work for your baby. It’s taking some time to find out what works on Adam. And it’s frustrating and scary and it certainly has tested both mommy and daddy’s patience. But you know what makes it all worth it? THIS:

Adam's First Halloween