The Globe and Mail published an article stating several reasons why, given the recent death of its co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, the future of Apple is in decline and that it would be a good idea to sell your stock in the company, should you own any.

What bothers me about this advice is there’s no mention or consideration of Jony Ive. Ive is widely considered to be Jobs’ protege and while they worked together at Apple they were close friends and many have noted their similar work styles, eye for design and that they were in many other ways kindred spirits. Everyone who’s been saying that the spirit of Apple will live on with Jobs’ products and innovations must also agree that it will also continue to innovate and succeed because of Ive’s designs and his close ties to Jobs’ philosophy. Tim Cook may be the head of the company now, but Ive is most definitely the heart. In my mind, that’s a combination worth investing in.