Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most popular and effective forms of online marketing and lead generation. My system of email marketing provides clients with messages that take advantage of some of the most important factors in successful email marketing campaigns.

Great Design

I design templates for your email campaigns that incorporate your brand’s colours, logo and big, easy-to-read typefaces. These templates conform to industry standards, ensuring that regardless of the device your message is being read on, it will be properly formatted. I run inbox inspection tests to ensure every email client known to man is seeing consistent formatting of your message.


One of the most important parts of running a successful email marketing campaign is having the statistics to track a campaign’s success and continually improve effectiveness over time. I provide detailed reports of how many people opened your message, clicked links, readers’ geographic locations and more. I also provide information over all campaigns to show you what time of day you are most likely to get the most opens, trends in user subscriptions and unsubscribes and more.

Website and Social Media Integration

I can provide you with the tools to automate your email list building process – get custom designed forms for your website that will automatically add new members to your list. See your email distribution lists grow and know where your subscribers come from. You can also integrate social media into your email campaigns, allowing recipients to like your Facebook page and follow your Twitter account straight from the body of an email.

Increased Search Engine Optimization

More traffic to your website, through any channel, results in better search engine optimization. So when you send out consistent, persuasive, well-designed email marketing, it boosts your traffic, in turn boosting your clout on search engines. Read more about search engine optimization.