This is just a quick post to give shout-outs to some other people blogging out there who I find humorous, enlightening, entertaining or just downright silly.

Logic + Emotion by David Armano

David Armano is the VP of Experience Design at Critical Mass, the digital advertising agency I had the pleasure of working for this summer in Calgary.

Honestly, his job title matters very little to me. What matters to me about this dude is that he’s one of those people online who just ‘gets’ it. And it’s not just a digital thing. Armano has a special talent for linking everyday ideas, concepts and thoughts with the digital realm, and doing it visually, too. And that’s what makes him a leader in his chosen vocation.

He believes in the power of social media – because he knows that it’s not technology that makes it powerful. It’s people – real people, caring people, influential people, inspiring people – that make great things happen in the digital sphere.

And he’s got a big ol’ shining example of the good that can come from wielding such power. He recently gave a second chance to a family friend in need of shelter by raising $16,000 (most of it in little over 24 hours) to help her and her 3 children find a new place to live.  See, folks? Twitter’s not just for massaging your own ego or posting links to videos of simians. There are altruistic outcomes.

Fuck You, Penguin by Anonymous

This one sells itself. An anonymous (and hilarious) writer takes cute animals down a peg. Read it. Follow it. Love it.

Copyblogger by Brian Clark + contributors

If ever you’re wondering, “hey, I wonder if someone out there has some advice on (topic x) when it comes to writing online” – this is the blog for you. Some of the best copywriters in the digital sphere post here, offering sage advice and guides to writing great copy on the web.

Wine Library TV by Gary Vaynerchuck

Oh, Gary Vay-ner-chuck. He’s the enigmatic and enthusiastic host of a daily video blog on wine tasting, and one of the cleverest people on the web when it comes to using social media to create and maintain a following. It’s his unique and oft-mad-hatterish personality that draws you in, and his propensity to stay in touch with his people (and his tweeple) is what makes him authentic and keeps people coming back to his site.

not that vintage by Allison Forzley

Allison and I worked together for a short time at Citytv last January, when I interned there as part of my coursework in school. I discovered her blog last week when she posted the link on her facebook page and was happily surprised to find she is into all sorts of neat interior design stuff and pop culture.

It’s not a big name with big influence. It’s not a total game-changer. And it’s not one that I need to read every day. It’s a cross-section of a life. It’s real. And that is why I like it. Well done, Ally.

And now I open the floor – what are your faves (industry-related or otherwise)? What makes them near and dear to you?