I’ve been using OS X Lion since the day it was released. I’ve found most of the changes between 10.6 and the new OS to be improvements, but there’s one area where Lion really falls flat, and that’s Safari.

None of the functionality inside Safari has drastically changed, and there are certainly some welcome additions – tap to zoom, the reading list and full-screen mode. Those niceties aside, I have had some major problems with Safari since upgrading to Lion.

I recently read about known problems with memory leaks in Lion Safari which likely accounts for the problems I’ve been seeing: I keep Safari open for a while and it gets insanely sluggish loading pages and scrolling through content. When I get fed up and quit Safari, it hangs and I’m pushed to Force Quit Safari. It’s such a bummer because in Snow Leopard, Safari was my #1 browser choice, after doing some pretty lengthy testing against Chrome and Firefox.

So while I wait for Apple to push out a fix to Safari’s issues, I’m back to using Chrome as my default browser. What’s your default right now? Are you having trouble with the new Safari? Leave me a comment.