Remember Victor Petit’s totally awesome QR code resume? The one that made you feel pretty insignificant, regardless of your perfect typesetting and leather-bound portfolio? Yeah, he did a pretty clever thing. I wonder if it got him a job.

Well, I guess someone took notice of his clever idea, because now ad agencies are scamming being inspired by it and applying it to ads at your local restaurant’s urinals. Case in point, this ad for Sheps Hair Transplant Clinic:

Insert penis joke here! (click to enlarge)

and here’s the video that QR code on the pretty lady’s mouth links to:

I have to say, as long as the folks at Sheps are ignorant of the idea that sparked the campaign, it’s a pretty good use of QR codes, video and smartphones. Then again, I may be the only guy so far who has actually stood in the bathroom for two minutes after I peed, holding my phone up to an ad at a urinal just to see what it says.

The folks at Honest Agency get an A for cleverness but a D for location selection. An execution like this would probably have worked better on a bus bench or shelter – basically anywhere there aren’t a bunch of other guys doing their business, wondering what that dude is doing lingering around with his phone out.