A lot of folks are upset with Apple’s new Maps application in iOS 6. This change comes as the Cupertino company makes an aggressive move away from Google, who has recently become more of a competitor than an ally.

So far, Apple’s native maps app data is not nearly as complete as Google’s, and it has left many new iOS 6 users wanting. Fear not! I’ll show you how to quickly get Google Maps back on your home screen, while we wait and see if the search giant will release their own native navigation app for iOS, as they did with YouTube.

Google maps still runs through Safari, so follow these steps to link up the web version of Google maps to your home screen in iOS 6.

Open Safari. Go to http://maps.google.com and then tap the Share button on the bottom of the screen. Hit Add To Home screen and you’re done! It’s that easy. Now you can carry on with Google Maps as you always have.